It’s very easy to play Final Fantasy X (the PC version) on the second monitor.

How to do it?

Start the game launcher and set the game to start in “Full Screen Mode”.

The game will most likely start on the bad monitor.

If you want to switch it to the correct monitor, press: “Left Windows key + Left Shit key + right arrow from the

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You can download the book from here. It has a zip archive which contains the book in pdf format and .mobi (for Kindle).

I’ve read the book, its well writen, pretty small, can be finished in about 2-3 hours of intense reading. It’s not boring, its quite straight to the point.
Has a few mindblowing parts that I’ve never heard Athene talking

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A very interesting mod that changes the exotic summer theme for Risen 1 with a darker autumn theme.

The textures are changed, almost everything looks and feel different.

Here is a local mirror download. It has around 11 mb.

It has an executable and is really easy to install. Just from a few clicks. Works with save games. Very easy to uninstall, it has a shortcut,

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If the game is crashing after the selection screen switches to Michael, no worries, you can get around this issue very easily.

When Franklin has to drive the garbage truck to the hidden area. What you need to do is to kill him in order to reset the mission (don’t worry, it won’t reset all the mission).

You will get to the screen where you need to pick retry. After 3

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The trick is to run very fast in an opposite direction from the Garrison. You will notice a lot of players lagging there.

Just run away to a different area (from the same zone).

What usually happens is that you will be able to run but not be able to use any abilities. Most likely you will be thrown back to the garrison area where it lags.

Just repeat all this running for

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You should first clear all the area (kill all the mobs and bosses prior to Shannox). There are some mobs that you can ignore though.

The ones that don’t attack you.

Then pull Shannox and kite him to the places that are marked on the map.

It helps if you are a ranged class.

Get some speed and avoid his hits. Shannox hits pretty hard.

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Here is a list with all the necessary macros (Marksman spec, can be applied to BM and Survival as well).

Chimera Shot. – stop casting is required.
/cast Chimaera Shot
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear();

Trap Launcher. – will not reset the Trap Launcher if the spell if up.
/castsequence reset=3

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Deadly Boss Mods – direct download link. For raiding, dungeons, even battlegrounds.

Postal – direct download link.

Bartender4 – direct download link.

OmniCC – direct download link.

Tidy Plates – direct download link. Will show bars above characters, enemies, mobs (their health and other information).

Old version of Power Auras

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Here is the +1 free trainer from Cheathappens for Ryse: Son of Rome, the PC version.

The trainer has one cheat: “Numpad 8: Unlimited Focus – for a limited amount of time”.

You can download the trainer from here, it has 580 kb.

In order to use the trainer, start the trainer, start the game, press “F1″ when you are in the main menu of the

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Controller tips.

First of all, the way to play Final Fantasy XIII on the PC is by using a controller. If you control the camera with the mouse, it will move and feel weird.

You can just buy a very cheap no-name controller and enjoy this game. I play with a Speedlink controller that costs around 10 euro. And the only thing you need to do to play with a controller is to plug it

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