Artosis Paladin deck from Blizzcon 2013


This is the deck that brought Artosis the victories against Kripparrian at Blizzcon 2013, the Hearthstone tournament.

It is a very aggressive deck with two Avenging Wrath, two Argent Commander cards, the basic combo: two Equality and two Consecration.

It has just one legendary card, Tirion Fordring.

Mostly, it’s a strong early-mid game deck with buffing the cards from Sword of Justice, the two Defender of Argus.

The two Spellbreaker cards are very powerful so you can get rid of taunts. In the worst situation you will just trade them.

You could get like 70-80% win rate if you play this deck.

It is also a very fun deck to play since it’s rush-aggressive but not something like murloc decks or rushing paladin decks with many 1 and 2 mana cards.