Athene Real Answers Free Book Pdf, .mobi



You can download the book from here. It has a zip archive which contains the book in pdf format and .mobi (for Kindle).

I’ve read the book, its well writen, pretty small, can be finished in about 2-3 hours of intense reading. It’s not boring, its quite straight to the point.
Has a few mindblowing parts that I’ve never heard Athene talking about.

If you want to support Athene, you can buy the book for about 12 dollars from Amazon. Link here.

  1. Anbroa
    Posted December 29, 2016 at 8:34 pm

    Athene is going to change the world if he keeps on going. People don’t see it, unfortunatly. But i truly belive that he’s going to change alot of people in the course of his life time.