Best place to farm Mote of Harmony

Posted on Oct 23 2012

Thanks to Kripparian for this tip, I’ve found out a great place for farming the item called “Mote of Harmony” from one of his videos.

The place is in Valley of the Four Winds and we need to grind turtles here. These turtles are level 86 and can be pulled in one group, around 15-20 turtles and AOE them. 20 turtles are usually dropping one Mote of Harmony so in ten pulls we can get 1 Spirit of Harmony.

All the turtles are respawning in like 3-4 minutes, as a tip, you can do a battle pet / battleground / heroic dungeon, return, pull / kill them / loot, repeat.

Why is this place the best for farming Motes of Harmony?

Because killing that group of turtles only takes 30 seconds and there is a 90% chance that you get one Mote of Harmony. Also if we consider that they are respawning very fast.

The turtles will also drop “Raw Turtle Meat”, on my realm I can sell 20 x Raw Turtle Meat for 200 gold.

Do you know any other good places?

Best place to farm Mote of Harmony

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