Blizzard All Stars will be more than a MOBA game


Blizzard All Stars will be a sample of what the Blizzard gaming development tool can create. This tool will be based on Starcraft 2 but much more complex.

If you imagine Google Play (the old Android Market), this is what Blizzard is trying to create. A market within Blizzard All Stars from where users could sell or giveaway for free their created games with the Blizzard tool.

There will be a rating system, “most played games”, “most downloaded” etc.

About Blizzard All Stars.

It will be a MOBA game but with gameplay changes. The defensive towers will function for limited amounts of time. They will become inactive from time to time.

The heroes will not play on “last hit” and they will actually fight in the middle of the creeps.
There will be roles for heroes like: tank, dps, siege and support.

The itemization was simplified. There will be no complex recipes. The game will be much more easier to learn by new players.

An exact release date for the game and for the tool was not announced but there are rumors saying that something related to Blizzard All Stars will be released with Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm in March.

Blizzard All Stars