Blizzcon 2013 guide Android app is available for download


There is a very useful Android application regarding Blizzcon 2013. It’s an official app, you can download it from here, from Google Play.

The app has five sections: Schedule, Map, Streams, Buzz and News.

Schedule: is presenting the schedule for this year’s Blizzcon. You can locate the events on the provided map (from the app), you can see the time when each events starts and ends. Also, you can set up your device to give you a notice (sound notice) that will alert you about certain events.

Map: is simply showing the map of the location that will host Blizzcon 2013. There are icons and annotations for each event, WoW, Starcraft, Diablo, Hearthstone etc.

Streams: this section is displaying three streams. Right now, all three are saying “offline”. No information if the streams will require the virtual ticket or they will be free streams. My guess is that they will be free streams with gameplay events.

Buzz: Twitter, Instagram live social stuff.

News: just news about the event.

It looks like a great app, even if you don’t go to Blizzcon, it’s not bad to have it around for when the event starts, mostly because of the schedule section.