Brown Icecrown Citadel Hunter Transmog gear


Helmet: Taldron’s Short Sighted Helm. Replica of the ICC Hunter tier.

Shoulders: Shoulderpads of the Morbid Ritual. Replica of the ICC Hunter tier.

Chest: none.

Gloves: Handgrips of Frost and Sleet.

Belt: Vindicator’s Chain Girdle. A Burning Crusade item, quite easy to get. With a skull icon, it looks pretty cool.

Pants: Rippling Flesh Kilt. Because of this item, you don’t need to worry about chest or boots. The kilt will cover both. Just be sure not to roll with red or green boots. Use some basic brown/gray/black boots.

Boots: none.

Tabard: Arathor Battle Tabard. You need to grind for it.

Weapon: Striker’s Mark. This one is from Molten Core. You can use other weapons.

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