Can you play Heart of the Swarm with the Starcraft 2 starter edition?


The short answer is no, you can’t play the Heart of the Swarm campaign by using the Starcraft 2 starter edition.

What exactly can you do with the starter edition?

– You can play the first 5 terrain campaign missions.

– You can check how the SC 2 interface works and looks, join the available chat rooms. You can only read the chat, you cannot post messages.

– You can join some of the games that are available in the “Arcade” section. Some are very fun to play, for example, you can do a co-op game with another player where you have to defend a base.

If you click on campaign and you choose the Heart of the Swarm tab, from there, you can only see the cinematic. It is very possible that Blizzard will make available the first five zerg campaign missions in the future but for now, you can only upgrade the game (buy it) in order to unlock the new content.