If the game is crashing after the selection screen switches to Michael, no worries, you can get around this issue very easily.

When Franklin has to drive the garbage truck to the hidden area. What you need to do is to kill him in order to reset the mission (don’t worry, it won’t reset all the mission).

You will get to the screen where you need to pick retry. After 3

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Here is the +1 free trainer from Cheathappens for Ryse: Son of Rome, the PC version.

The trainer has one cheat: “Numpad 8: Unlimited Focus – for a limited amount of time”.

You can download the trainer from here, it has 580 kb.

In order to use the trainer, start the trainer, start the game, press “F1″ when you are in the main menu of the

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Here is the +1 trainer for Dead Rising 3, after the first day since its release. The promo trainer from cheathappens.

The trainer contains one cheat: “Numpad 0: Add Mission Zombie Kills”.

You can download the trainer from here, 571kb.

To activate the cheat while playing, start the trainer, start the game, press “F1″ in the game’s main menu.

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This error happens if you have a version of Windows 7 that is not updated.

The error is not related to the game.

How to fix it?

You will have to reinstall a few programs.

Here is the full list:

– FIX MS SystemUser Bug.
– Java Runtime Environment 7 Update 51.
– Java Runtime Environment 7 Update 51 x64.

– Visual C++

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Set the default resolution of your monitor.

VSync: off. Very important. 1 or 2 frames gives some sort of lag.

GPU Max Buffered Frames: 3 (default).

Anti-Aliasing: off.

Graphics Quality.

Level of Detail: medium.

Shadows: low. This option consumes the most resources. Leave it to low if you don’t have the latest

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This is the +1 trainer for Watch Dogs, released by cheathappens.

It contains one cheat: “Increase Level”.

You can download the trainer from here, 424 kb.

How to use it?

Start the trainer > start the game > press F1 inside the main menu. The cheat should be enabled at this point.

To activate it in-game, press “Numpad -“.


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A quick fix for the crashes is to switch from fullscreen to windowed mode.

And when you pass a point where your game was crashing, switch to fullscreen back so you can fully enjoy the game.

From options > video > display mode > switch to “windowed”.

Resume the game and try again.

I’ve done this after the game has crashed after the cutscene where

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If you just plug your controller and try using it in order to play Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, it won’t work. Even though the game’s controls are obviously for consoles and the game has some settings for controllers, it doesn’t support them.

What you need is to get a third party software from here, called JoyToKey. Follow the steps from that tutorial.


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These graphic tweaks can help you to play the latest Thief with a decent amount of FPS.

Game’s launcher:

Default maximum resolution.
Vsync: double buffer.

The options from the “graphics” tab are the same with the in-game ones. Don’t bother with them yet.


Field of view: 90.
Preset: custom.
Texture quality:

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If you don’t want to break your mouse from intense clicking sessions, you should reassign left and right click (light / strong attack) to “q” and “e”.

You can move (“W A S D”) and press “q” or “e” at the same time with no effort.

Another important change is to reassign “Control” to “left

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