Resolution: leave it as default.

Window mode: fullscreen.

Vsync: on.

Texture quality and World detail: very high (press the right arrow key to slide the options).

Motion blur: on. Lost Planet 3 seems to be one of the few games where the “motion blur” option isn’t annoying.

To get to the next options, either scroll down with your mouse or

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The graphic options for Metro Last Light are the following:

Resolution: change it your native monitor’s resolution. It is much lower by default when you first start the game.

Quality: this has a big impact on your framerate. Set it to normal or high.

SSAA: this is an anti-aliasing setting. It is the most resource consuming setting. Turn it off if you notice any

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If you try to launch Metro Last Light and it gets stuck after the intro video and no menu appears, simply use Control+Alt+Delete and kill the process (the game).

Launch the game again, it will pop up a message saying that the game failed to launch the first time and it will now start in safe mode. Click ok and start the game, it should not get stuck again and it should display the

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The scores obtained from gaming websites are saying yes, Bioshock Infinite is probably the best game ever.

Except the haters from Metacritic that gave 0/10 scores, everyone pretty much love the game, including me.

Here is what I disliked and what I liked about this game.

What I disliked:

– The shooting gameplay. It was a bit odd, very hard near the end of

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I’ve tried these settings on a medium PC in terms of hardware. Processor: I3 3000 GHz, 8 GB ram DDR 3, ATI Radeon HD 5670 (1 GB RAM, DDR 3).

Display Mode: Windowed (Fullscreen). This is very important, I had double the framerate by switching to Windowed (Fullscreen) than on the normal “Fullscreen”.

Aspect Ratio and Screen Resolution should be left as

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Bioshock Infinite got a perfect score of 10 out of 10 from Polygon, Machinima, The Escapist, Game Informer,, GamesRadar, and Destructoid. Around 18 gaming websites are rating the game with a perfect score.

It has a 95% score on Metacritic, based on 38 critics (some of the most important gaming websites).

Considering the scores from Metacritic, Bioshock

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Crysis is 3 is not available on Steam. If you are looking to buy the game (the PC version), you can do that from Origin, EA’s gaming platform, similar to Steam.

You can order the game from here, the digital download version, for 69,99 euro.

Why is Crysis not available on Steam? Obviously because EA is trying to promote Origin and Steam is the competition.


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Reviews for Aliens: Colonial Marines are showing up on gaming websites and on YouTube, and most of them are completely “destroying” the game.

The main points are that the AI is awful, the graphics are terrible, the lack of HD textures and dynamic lightning, fog etc. The lack of story, the poor ending, the lack of personality of Winter’s teammates.

But most of

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The first patch for Aliens: Colonial Marines has been released.

Here is the full changelog:


General user interface improvements.
Various performance improvements.
Fixed issue where a door may not function properly if a Xeno was killed while opening it.
Addressed issue where players could become stuck in a close encounter after

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Aliens: Colonial Marines was released and what I can say is that the game is awesome. I’ve played four or five missions and is exactly what I hoped it to be.

The game runs flawless on my modest system, I didn’t encountered any technical issues.

I’ve read some comments on different gaming forums and some people are complaining about the poor graphics and

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