Set the resolution to the native resolution of your monitor.

Window mode. Set it to “full window” instead of “fullscreen”. I’ve noticed a serious frame-rate increase on “full window” compared to “fullscreen”.

V-sync needs to be enabled, check the option with “x”. The empty square means that the option is

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Dead Space 3 was released for PC and can be bought only from Origin (the EA Games gaming platform, similar to Steam).

Only the previous two titles are available on Steam, Dead Space 1 and 2.

You can buy the game from here, the PC digital download version.

I have tried the game and it looks interesting. It is at least an option until Aliens: Colonial Marines will be

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It is time to arm yourself with rifles, tactical missiles, RPGs, sharp sticks and harsh language because Aliens: Colonial Marines has gone gold. This means that the final version of the game is ready.

We only have to wait until 12 February when the game will be released for all the gaming platforms, PC, PS3 and Xbox. The game will also have a version for WII U that will be released in

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