I have leatherworking and engineering as professions and the only item I’ve managed to sell from these two professions was the “Lord Blastington’s Scope of Doom”.

It is a bow enchant and every hunter that is doing PVE will want it.

The mats to craft this item cost around 500-600 gold if you buy them from Auction House. You also need one Spirit of Harmony

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Why I think the pet battles from World of Warcraft are a waste of time? Subjective views.

Here are a few reasons.

You don’t get better if you play more. I mean for PVP battles, playing in the level 23-25 range will feel very unbalanced. Pets that can kill other pets in 2-3 moves, pets with unbalanced abilities. Basically, there is no skill involved and if you have the

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Thanks to Kripparian for this tip, I’ve found out a great place for farming the item called “Mote of Harmony” from one of his videos.

The place is in Valley of the Four Winds and we need to grind turtles here. These turtles are level 86 and can be pulled in one group, around 15-20 turtles and AOE them. 20 turtles are usually dropping one Mote of Harmony so in ten

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Details attached to this video.

I have used normal blue PVP gear from Season 13 arena. Beastmaster spec with a spirit beast, ferocity spec, nothing fancy.

What is important is to have the Misdirection glyph and use it most of the time.

What has changed compared to Cataclysm is that hunters and some other classes can’t use the legendary staff anymore. We can finish

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The leatherworking PVP recipes vendor is located in Shrine of the Sever Stars (Vale of Eternal Blossom), the main building. See the map.

The vendor is named Tanner Pang (a male panda), he is exchanging each recipe for one Spirit of Harmony.

This is for Alliance, for Horde there should be a NPC like this one also inside the main building from Vale of Eternal Blossom, I think is

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Rumbling Terrace is located in the south-east part of Valley of the Four Winds. It is harder to locate it because the map won’t reveal any hints that the zone is undiscovered.

Some players that have finished all the quests in Valley of the Four Winds might be missing this zone for the “explore” achievement.

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Are you looking for head enchants for your level 90 character?

Blizzard has decided not to add any head enchants in Mists of Pandaria. They have also removed the Cataclysm versions, both PVP and PVE.
When searching enchanting and inscription from the profession UI, all slots are available except head.

Ghostcrawler has made a post on 30/05/2012, on the us.battle.net/wow

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The level 90 justice and valor points vendors are now in Pandaria, Townlong Steppes zone, Niuzao Temple.
Townlong Steppes is the western (green) zone from Pandaria. Both vendors can be found on a platform behind the temple. They are two pandas.

The vendors got moved here so players will leave the main cities more often. Stormwind has now, only level 85 justice and valor points

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Level 90 PVP gear for Alliance can be found west of Valley of the Four Winds, there are vendors on the wall. Check the picture.

The vendors are inside a building. There are vendors that will exchange items for honor and conquest points (from arena).

These vendors are only here, there are none in Stormwind so far.

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Blizzard has introduced in Mists of Pandaria, a mini-game that involves companion pets. The old pets that you have gathered since the end of Cataclysm and also new ones, many.

In a few words, “pet battles” is a turn based game, similar to Japanese video games. The player can control one pet and fight against other pet controlled by another player or just against a pet

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