Update: the recorded stream can be found on twitch.tv/gkrage > videos tab.

As promised in this old article, I will try to stream every Saturday night.

And this Saturday will be the first one.

I will stream World of Warcraft, mostly PVP, maybe I will also solo Ulduar.

You can see me but you can’t hear me for now.

Anyway, if you don’t have

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The World of Warcraft players from the European realms are facing this error today, 19 June.

“Character Not Found”. This happens for random characters, not on all.

If you are lucky enough, you will be able to log into your main characters and play.

There is a sticky post on the official WoW forums, you can check it out here.

The latest update is

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Helmet: Crown of Empowered Fate. Black Temple.

Shoulders: Pristine Lightforge Spaulders. Heirloom item that can be bought with Honor points. Check the pvp vendors from Orgrimmar and Stormwind.

Chest: Conqueror’s Breastplate. AH, mob drop.

Gloves: Conqueror’s Gauntlets. AH, mob drop.

Belt: Conqueror’s Girdle. AH, mob drop.


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Helmet: Rifle Commander’s Eyepatch. Quest.

Shoulders: Stained Shadowcraft Spaulders. Heirloom item, can be bought with justice points.

Chest: Tysha’s Chestguard. Quest item from Darkshore.

Gloves: Naga Battle Gloves. Blackfathom Deeps.

Belt: Vigorous Belt of the Wild. Check the AH.

Pants: Aluwyn’s Legguards. Quest.

Boots: Scouting

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Helmet: Headdress of the Tides. From The Underbog.

Shoulders: Mantle of the Sea Wolf. from Mana-Tombs.

Chest: Harness of the Deep Currents. Shadow Labyrinth.

Gloves: Fathomheart Gauntlets. The Steamvault

Belt: Girdle of the Blasted Reaches. Hellfire Ramparts

Pants: Steadfast Legplates. Green item, search AH for it.

Boots: Steadfast Stompers. Green

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Helmet: Cursed Vision of Sargeras. From Black Temple, very easy to solo.

Shoulders: Mantle of the Unforgiven. From Mana-Tombs.

Chest: Chestguard of No Remorse. From Steamvault.

Gloves: Gloves of the Unbound. From The Alcatraz.

Belt: Liar’s Cord. Slave Pens.

Pants: Leggings of the Unrepentant. The Blood Furnace.

Boots: Boots of the Unjust.

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Helmet: Steelspine Faceguard.

Shoulders: Ancient Pauldrons of the Monkey.

Chest: Ancient Chest of the Wolf.

Gloves: Ancient Gauntlets of the Gorilla.

Belt: Fenclaw Waistband of the Bear.

Pants: Knight’s Legguards of the Boar.

Boots: Ancient Greaves of the Monkey.

Bow: Prideful Gladiator’s Longbow.

Tabard: Tabard of the

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This is an old version of Power Auras Classic. It dates from Cataclysm but still works perfect.

You might get some errors from time to time but you can get rid of them by relogging.

Download old Power Auras Classic from here.

What’s the deal with this version?

After Cataclysm, this addons was modified and some functions worked different.

It can be

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Table of content:

1. What spec to use.

2. How to gear up and what items to use.

3. What abilities to use / keybinds.

4. Macros.

5. What poisons to use.

6. Basic openers.

1. What spec to use?

If you check the pvp ladders from the official WoW website, you will notice that almost all high rated rogues are Subtlety. From what I heard, this

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First of all, you need just one weapon to transmog two. Example: 1 old dagger can be used to transmog 2 new daggers, you don’t need two old daggers for two new daggers.

List with transmog gear:

Trial of the Crusader

Blade of the Silver Disciple – a very animated dagger.


Emerald Ripper – from an old wallpaper with a possible

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