Ethereal Soul-Trader is a TCG card. You might find it in Auction House for 40-300k gold.

When you kill an enemy, real player or mob, the pet will create a purple lightning that will flow from the enemy. That is basically the reason why you should get this pet.

It works in battlegrounds and world pvp.

For real players, if they hit the release button (after they died), the

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Spec: Combat.
Gear that I used: Full Griveous PVP set (at least), no PVE items.
Rotation: Pop cooldowns, get 5 combos, Slice and Dice, Marked for Death for 5 combo > Recuperate, Killing Spree. Repeat.
You should have some Master Healing potions at you.

High Warlord Naj’entus. Easy fight, just do the rotation mentioned.

Supremus. Easy fight, just do the

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I have one invitation to give for TESO beta, the first user that leaves a comment with an e-mail, will receive the invitation.

This if for the beta stress test that will take place from Friday, February 28th at 12:00PM EST until Sunday, March 2nd at 11:59PM EST.

The TESO client has around 30 gigabytes, you will have to download around 23 gigabytes (have a great Internet

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Here is a macro that can help you:

/run TogglePVPUI()
/click HonorFrameSoloQueueButton

How it works.

When you login, open the PVP interface and queue for a specific battleground.

After that, when you use that macro (click a button assigned to that macro), you will auto-queue for that specific battleground that you previously queued.

If you are an

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For world pvp, duels, the legendary cloak is far superior because it has double the stats compared to the grievous cloak.

In battlegrounds, rated battlegrounds and arena, the stats of the legendary cloak are getting scaled down.

Legendary cloak vs grievous cloak. Comparing the two items, the legendary cloak has 63 more agility, 232 less crit chance, 119 less haste. And has 389

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Wildstar requires a really good PC, a video card with 1 GB RAM is not enough.

The only option that is killing the game’s performace is “Render Target Scale”. If this option is not set to minimum (0.5), you will get very low framerate.

For example, on my system, Intel I3 3GHz, 8 gigabytes RAM, ATI Radeon HD 5670 (1 GB RAM), I get 20-40 FPS on 0.5 Render Target

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If you have two favorite mounts in World of Warcraft, you can use this macro to summon either of one, randomly:

/castrandom Green Primal Raptor, Brawler’s Burly Mushan Beast

You can add more mounts, just add names with commas.

Replace “Green Primal Raptor” with the name of your mount.

You can also integrate this macro into another simple macro

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Millhouse Manastorm (the easiest boss). Spec: Marksman.

You won’t get instant killed by this boss.

Strategy: notice that Millhouse is spawning 2 “totems” from time to time. Stand in front of a totem to receive the channeling beam buff. Kill the other totem.
When Millhouse spawns the next two totems, move in front of another one and kill the other two.

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I’ve managed to gather some transmog gear that makes my hunter to look like Cloud from Final Fantasy VII.

Head: Surestrike Goggles v2.0. (from engineering).

Shoulders: Stormscale Shoulders. (from AH, really common item).

Chest: Renegade Chestguard. (from AH, like the rest of the “renegade” gear).

Gloves: Spiritwalker Gauntlets (these don’t

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They drop from:

– Throne of Thunder (all 4 raids): Last Stand of the Zandalari, Forgotten Depths, Hall of the Flesh-Shaping, Pinnacle of Storms.

– Siege of Orgrimmar (all 4 raids): Vale of Eternal Sorrows, Gates of Retribution, The Underhold, Downfall.

All raids have the same drop-chance which is low-medium.

I got 10 stones from doing full runs for 2

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