There is no valor points vendor for Siege of Orgrimmar / patch 5.4.

You can do two things with your valor points that you will gain this patch:

Upgrade your PVE gear at the transmog npc.

And the second thing is to buy old PVE gear. The vendors are in the same places. Isle of Thunder for pre 5.4 patch vendors.

No vendors this patch could mean bad news for some

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Sky Golem is the new awesome engineering mount that is available since patch 5.4. To learn the recipe for crafting the mount, you need to get “Schematic: Chief Engineer Jard’s Journal“, an item drop from Siege of Orgrimmar.

To craft the golem, you need 30 x Jard’s Peculiar Energy Source and 30 x Living Steel.

The Jard’s Peculiar Energy Source items

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Steelspine Faceguard or Rift Stalker Helm.

Giantstalker’s Epaulets or Towering Mantle of the Hunt.

Arathor Battle Tabard (Alliance only).

Giantstalker’s Gloves.

Vindicator’s Chain Girdle.

Sunhawk Leggings.

Giantstalker’s Boots or Trespasser’s Boots. I didn’t had my Giantstalker’s Boots in the picture. But you

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Deadly Gladiator’s Chain Helm or Replica Shado-Pan Helmet. Both are fitting great.

Earthstriker Spaulders.

Tabard of the Achiever.

Stalker’s Chain Gauntlets.

Vindicator’s Chain Girdle. Looks awesome with any transmog. It fits even if it’s not red.

Stalker’s Chain Leggings.

Boots of the Endless Hunt.

Accursed Bow

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Surestrike Goggles v2.0 (requires engineering).

The Wavemender’s Mantle.

Tabard of the Ebon Blade.

Gloves of Quickening.

Vindicator’s Chain Girdle. Best looking belt in the game in my opinion. Works with any transmog set.

Avenging Combat Leggings.

Boots of Persistence.

Vengeful Gladiator’s Longbow or Rifle of the Platinum

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Savage Gladiator’s Chain Helm. (Can be replaced with arena season 14 helm that looks pretty awesome.)

Grievous Gladiator’s Chain Spaulders.

Savage Gladiator’s Chain Gauntlets.

Vindicator’s Chain Girdle. Even if is not green, this belt fits with every transmog set.

Savage Gladiator’s Chain Leggings.

Elven Chain

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Hunter weapons, bows for example, don’t get to have any enchant effect (animation).

However, I’ve found one bow that has an enchant animation. The bow’s name is Avalanche and it can be farmed in Ulduar.

The enchant is the PVP 2.2k enchant from arena season 13. It looks pretty awesome, a red-dark glow that leaves some sort of shadows when you move your

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The conquest points / season 14 honor points PVP vendors have been removed temporarily because of some sort of bug that was causing players to have 20k+ cap instead of the normal 2k.

The vendors should be added shortly after Blizzard will fix the bug.

They will be in the same place as before for both Horde and Alliance.

Link with the location.

Just two vendors are

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The biggest change is that readiness was removed. And we got nothing as compensation except the small reduced cooldown for disengage and the fact that now Disengage doesn’t require the player to be in combat, in order to use it.

I like this out of combat Disengage change, I think it makes the gameplay more fun for hunters.

Survivability was highly nerfed with the loss of

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Download and install the latest Tidy plates addon from These settings are for patch 4.3. Some settings might be modified by the developer of the addon.

Go to game menu > interface > game tab > names > check from the last two options from the bottom: “friendly units” and from the right column, “enemy units” and “class color in

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