There are still players interested in the classic DotA, even though with the success of League of Legends and even DotA 2, still playing DotA 1 seems weird.

But to answer the question, Some players don’t like the graphic style from League of Legends and neither from DotA 2, that’s why they are sticking with the classic DotA.

Things might change with the release of

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Ache – frost hunter (ranged). Just like Trax from DotA, she has pretty much the same abilities. Quite noob friendly. Easy to play but boring overall.

Brand – fire mage (ranged). Easy to play. He has just fire spells.

Garen – warrior (melee). Doesn’t have mana. The abilities have cooldown so you can just use them when they are ready, without any concern.

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The beta profile from has been updated and now we have a new option: “Heroes of the Storm”, along the old ones for Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo and Hearthstone.

The desktop client doesn’t have any section for the new MOBA game, is still early, but don’t forget to sign up from your account > beta profile settings.


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If you get this error when trying to login into your League of Legends (LoL) account, you can check an important thing.

That thing is the region. When you create a LoL account, you can choose a region. For example, you can choose: EU West, EU Nordic & East, North America etc.

The same is for the game client. There is a client for each region. If you have created an account

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After around two months, a new DotA map is available (DotA Warcraft 3 version).

The new map brings two new heroes, Kaolin, the Earth Spirit (strength) and Nerif, the Oracle (inteligence).

Other changes for old heroes:

Arc Warden
– Magnetic Field AoE decreased from 325 to 275
– Tempest Double unit is now visible to the enemy players as the

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The major changes are that the DotA AI map has a new developer that goes by the codename of “Ciel_Asuka”.

The AI’s couriers are now functioning properly. They will bring items for the AI players.

The AI will now use a large variety of “item builds”, they have a set of rules, a set of favourite “item builds”.

Why the map is called

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A new DotA map is available, 6.77c, coming after the previous one that was released on 11 January, this year.

Here are the changes:

* Tranquil Boots disabled speed reduced from 50 to 25
* Tranquil Boots heal increased from 170 to 250
* Tranquil Boots cooldown increased from 40 to 60
* Tranquil Boots heal duration increased from 10 to 20
* Illuminate

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Blizzard All Stars will be a sample of what the Blizzard gaming development tool can create. This tool will be based on Starcraft 2 but much more complex.

If you imagine Google Play (the old Android Market), this is what Blizzard is trying to create. A market within Blizzard All Stars from where users could sell or giveaway for free their created games with the Blizzard

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After many uncertain months, a new DotA (Defense of the Ancients) map was released, version 6.75 and today the “b” version, DotA 6.75b.

“Uncertain months” because nobody was sure if Icefrog will continue the work on the old Warcraft 3 map and will focus all his energy on developing DotA 2 with Valve.

DotA 6.75 has brought many tweaks for the majority of

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