You can’t unload all the chests and troops at once, you will have to touch every chest and every troop in order to unload it.

But there is a trick that will make things much easier.

You can click from your PC or laptop, on the tablet’s screen. And if you use a software, things will become really really easy.

Follow these steps. You don’t need a rooted

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If you don’t need Hobbit Building Crew items, you can just buy Monday Mystery chests.

These chests cost 5 mithril, each. They appear only on Mondays, in the game’s shop.

The Monday Mystery chests can contain troops, other type of chests, speed potions etc. Even 50 or 100 other Monday Mystery chests.

I remember growing from 600.000 to 1.000.000 might just

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First of all, check how other players have built their village, how they have placed the buildings and the walls.

How to check other players?
Click the chat arrow button to pull out the chat UI, click a player’s name and click on visit.

Check our image, it shows a pretty good village structure. I think I have reached silver 1 rank with this build, only by defending,

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“Search Into The Void” is quite similar with the previous released campaign, “Footprints of the Nomads“.

The maps are pretty much the same, the loot, the might wasted (your troops).

Use the same tips as from “Footprints of the Nomads”.

However, for the troops, you might want to just attack every goblin camp with 100k tier 3 troops and

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There is a new campaign is The Hobbit Kingdoms that will last for a limited time, called “Footprints of the Nomads”.

It is a pretty costly campaign regarding troops, so here are some tips that will help you to avoid losing too much might.

First of all, to complete the campaign without waiting, you will need around three stamina bottles.

For each fight, select

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How to get Ascension / Master runes?

Click on your Sage’s Tower > relics. You should see some options like Ascension Rune *1000 / *10000.
And also Master Rune *1000 and *10000.

To get these runes, you will need Forge runes for Ascension runes and Ascension runes for Master runes.

Forge runes? You usually can get those from special events like ATOM (Alliance

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Kabam has released a new update for The Hobbit Kingdoms that is fixing the old issues, see this old article.

The game runs very smooth now, no more lag, unresponsive commands, swipe/trying to press buttons. It runs perfect.

To update the game, run Google Play from your device and search for “the hobbit”, and hit the update button.

The update has around 80

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Almost two months have passed since the release of Angry Birds Go.

The game was not available for Nexus 7 as it was not listed on Google Play if you were using the app from a Nexus 7.

Until today. The game is now available, you can find it on the first position on the “Trending” tab.

It looks like Rovio has optimized the game a little, it runs with no issues,

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Looks like everyone that is playing The Hobbit Kingdoms on an Android device has these issues (since the last update):
Even if you have a top noch device like Samsung Galaxy S3, you will still have these issues.

– There is a big delay when opening / switching windows, clicking stuff.

– Swipe / slide on the screen are registered as clicks, 90% of the

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To train troops, you can click on any of your barracks and then on the “train troops” tab.

The old button for training (from the bottom bar) was replaced by the campaign button. A really bad choice because the training button was more useful. Some players don’t even do campaign.

The latest update has brought a few new things. We have that moon that can be

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