Here are some tips:

– Assign your second highest hero to Training, it will boost your campaign score.

– The less troops you send, the higher the score.

Use your highest level hero (220 if possible). It’s better if it has gear. Battle runes, it’s great if you have Rune of Fury and Rune of Invulnerability.

Here are two guides for “The

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As we said in this previous article, there was a bug on Nexus 7 when playing Need for Speed Most Wanted. The screen was black, the player could only see the shape of the cars, it was impossible to play the game like this.

The latest update has fixed this issue, the game has textures now and is fully playable.

What you need to know is that there is no update button on Google

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The fourth city relics are now dropping from level 7 – level 10 goblin camps.

Here is how you can farm them in no time.

Be sure to have around 400-600k Tier 3 troops. 100-200k of each kind, mounted, foot and ranged.

Have at least 2-3 high level heroes.

Start by searching for a level 7+ goblin camp. Once you have found one, bookmark it and send your

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Follow these steps in order to download and install Angry Birds GO on a Nexus 7.

Download the game from here (Android 2.3 and higher. [48.9 MB][apk] ). Save it on your PC and then copy it to your Nexus 7 (using the USB cable).

Install this app from Google Play, “My-Files”.

After you have copied the Angry Birds GO .apk file, open “My-Files” and

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There are 15 levels / maps for the normal campaign and two extra maps once you finish the campaign.

There are 6 more maps that should be available in the future updates.

Name of all the maps:

Desert: Hmmerhold, Sandhawk Hamlet, Sape Oasis, Dunes of Despair, Bucaneers Den, The Gates of Nazeru.

Jungle: Crimson Valley, Snapvine Bridge, Lost Jungle, Ma Qwa Urqu,

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Kingdom Rush (classic) has 12 levels / maps for the campaign mode.

There are 7 more maps once you finish the campaign but those maps are insanely difficult, don’t expect to have too much fun from them.

The name of all the maps from the campaign mode: Southport. The Farmlands. Pagras. Twin Rivers. Silveroak Forest. The Citadel. Coldstep Mines. Icewind Pass. Stormcloud

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- Enemies and soldiers with armor receive less physical damage. That means that they receive more damage from magic towers.

– Support Barracks with ranged towers to maximize enemy exposure. Your soldiers should fight in the range of your towers that deal damage.

– Reinforcement are a great way to split enemy forces.

– Artillery works best against high

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Users can’t install Angry Birds Go! from Google Play on their Nexus 7. If you visit the Angry Birds Go! page from a web browser, it will say that it’s not compatible with your Nexus 7.

What seems to be the problem? Definitely not the hardware of the device. It seems just a small incompatible issue with the Nexus 7, the tablet could run Angry Birds Go! with no effort,

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Here are some tips:

– Don’t hit the same boss over and over again, it will cost troops and won’t give any result.

– The high score is given by using the right amount of troops of the right type for killing the goblins.

– Hit with the highest tier possible (Tier 5).

– Don’t hit Moria or Smaug, it’s not worth the might

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Need for Speed Most Wanted, the Android version, currently has some issues on some devices, including Google Nexus 7.

The racing maps don’t have any textures, you only see some black shapes, basically it’s like playing in the dark.

Some users that bought the game have reported that this issue started to happen either when EA has updated the game or either when

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