GTA San Andreas has just landed on Google Play.

It’s not free, it’s around 5 euro / 6-7$.

It is basically the same game from PC (released in 2004 for PS2 and 2005 for PC) but with a few improvements:

– High resolution graphics, optimized for mobile devices, lightning enhancements, improved character models etc.

– Dual analog sticks

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Kabam has released besides the “Discover Smaug” campaign, another campaign called “The Necromancer”.

“The Necromancer” is another easy and fast campaign, it has five maps but each map require only two key to unlock the next one. So its not a grind.

Rewards? There are some nice rewards like Galandriel’s Hourglass (2.5 Hour Speedup), 25%

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There is a new campaign called “Discover Smaug”.

It is the shortest campaign from The Hobbit Kingdoms, players don’t need to farm any keys.

The campaign has just two maps and you need just one key to unlock the second map.

The might range of the enemy outposts are from 36.000 to 48.000 on the first map and 144.000 to 720.000 on the second map. You lose

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To equip a weapon, go to your “Great Hall” > Heroes > equip > you should see a weapon on the bottom of the UI.

Drag and drop it into the weapon slot (below the avatar of your hero).

The same goes for other kind of gear, rings, amulets, shields, armor etc.

So far the game is giving players a free sword called “Arborist’s Weapon”.


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Here are a few tips for ToM (Alliance Tournament of Might).

If you have troops in your inventory, now is the best time to use them. (These troops are rewarded from different events or the daily “chance” game).

Build only tier1 troops in all your cities.

Best thing to do is to split all your resources to your two-three cities and build troops in each of

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Through Mirkwood is the third campaign from The Hobbit Kingdoms. It rewards the player with Swift Stones.

Go to your Sage’s Tower > Relics > scroll down and check your Swift Stones. These stones can be used from your City Guardian (the statue from the middle of your city) for “Activation”, an upgrade that will increase the training speed for your troops.


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A new update is available for The Hobbit Kingdoms. Launch Google Play, search for “The Hobbit Kingdoms” and hit the update button, you also get a nice in-game reward for updating.

This update has brought many changes to the game:

– New layout for cities, more animations.

– New bottom UI icons and other cosmetic changes.

– Galandriel

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Simple answer: no.

You don’t have to build an Academy in your second or third city in order to get the bonuses from your researches.

You can test this by building a level 9 Vault in your second city > press the resources tab bar > notice that you have “Protection Limit: 1.80m”. Both in your first and second city if you have level 9 Vaults in both

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To build a new city, you need 100 relics.

Assuming that you already have gathered 100 relics, go to your Sage’s Tower (from your first city), click on “Relics”, “second city” or “third city” > “claim”.

Now you need to conquer a plain. Go for a plain that is located near your main city. A trick: get a plain a bit to the right

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Make sure you have around 40.000 – 50.000 troops of one kind of Tier1. Then, you need around 70.000 troops Tier3.

Use battle runes if you have any, for some defense/attack boost.

Use your highest level hero.

First thing to do is to look around your city for level 7-10 goblin camps.

You’ve found your first goblin camp. Attack it, use 70-80k Tier3 units

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