A Protection Rune grants you attack immunity (your cities and wilds cannot be attacked by other players).

The best way to use them is right after getting level 10 wilds. You can even flip level 10 wilds, as the rune is up, the wilds cannot be flipped back.

Also, make sure you have enough gold for your heroes, assign your highest level heroes to resource production. If you have

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Here is a strategy guide for gaining as much might as possible when having 2 cities.

Main city (city 1): keep all the troops in this city. Destroy all the farms and build/produce only wood, stone and ore.
Second city: build farms as much as possible and when you think you are generating enough food, start building wood, stone, ore buildings. Train Tier 3 troops here and from

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1. Pizza Connection 2, also called “Fast Food Tycoon”. It would be great for touchscreen. Some multiplayer features implemented where you can compete with other players would be great.

2. Patrician 2 or Patrician 3. Another 2D video game that was very well received by gamers. Patrician 3 has brought only a few improvements for Patrician 2, both games are

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The third city relics are dropping since today, 25 September. They drop from level 7-10 goblin camps.

Tips for farming relics:

Aim for higher level goblin camps as they have a higher percentage chance of dropping relics.

I’d personally recommend level 9-10 camps but level 7-10 are also dropping.

For level 9-10 goblin camps, send Tier 3 or Tier 4 troops.

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Max Payne was ported and released for Android some months ago.

Being a Max Payne fan, it’s hard not to want to play this game on a touch device.

I myself was a kid when Max Payne was released on PC and didn’t really understood the story back then. Good that I have and we have the chance to replay it in other conditions.

The Android game is surprisingly great.

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I was one of those that were really happy to hear that Terraria was ported on Android. One of the few indie games that I really liked. Only to find out that the gameplay is not that great.

Here are the issues that I’ve found about the game.

It’s quite ugly on phones and 7 inches tablets. The resolution is so small that I barely can see what is happening on the map.

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I finally managed to reach Diamond tier, then Diamond 2, then 1, and I’m very close of reaching “Mithril” tier.

How I did it? I was lucky enough to get a “Major Shield Rune” that gives 20% defense bonus for my troops, for seven days. And I also trained more Tier 3 troops.

So, I revisited all the locations from “Clearing the High Pass”,

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I did some tests for the single-player campaign mode and I’ve managed to reach Gold tier, position 790 on a very crowded realm. I need to beat only 30 players to get to the Diamond league.

I’m at the first map from “Avenging Moria” campaign.

Here is what you need to do to get a higher score and reach higher tiers etc:

Train Tier 3 and Tier 2. As

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“Avenging Moria” is the second part of the single-player campaign.

It gets unlocked after you gather 15 keys from the last boss from “Clearing the High Pass” campaign (the first campaign). It also gets unlocked in the campaign menu when you reach the last boss from “Clearing the High Pass”. You can see the maps (there are 5), but you can’t use

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Mounted Elves – weak vs foot / strong vs ranged.
Elven Militia – weak vs ranged / strong vs mounted.
Elven Archers – weak vs mounted / strong vs foot.

Tier 2:
Mounted hunters – weak vs foot / strong vs ranged.
Elven Warriors – weak vs ranged / strong vs mounted.
Scorpions – weak vs mounted /

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