Attacking / defending bonuses.

Hero level gives 0.5% bonus per level. Meaning that if you attack with a lvl 212 hero, you will get 106% bonus. To get the bonus while being attacked, assign your high level hero to “training”.

There are runes that give you 20% bonus for attack and hp.

Then the researches from academy, Honed Blades and Vigor. Each level of these

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Most of the alliances from this game are not allowing wild flipping. However, if you really want to have fun in The Hobbit Kingdoms, you can join a more open-minded alliance that has fewer rules.

Wild flipping is very fun. If you want to became the target for many players, make enemies on your realm, start to flip wilds.

If you have 9 heroes in your city, you can launch 9

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The latest update for The Hobbit Kingdoms has brought a new and exciting feature, the single-player campaign mode.

You can attack goblin camps on a custom made map.

The first campaign is called “Clearing the high pass”. At the last fight for each map (there are five maps for this campaign), there is a goblin boss that you need to eliminate in order to go on to the

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You can add, change or remove weather effects in The Hobbit Kingdoms.

Write in the Alliance chat.

“A storm is brewing” – it will add rain to all your cities. Use “A”, not “a”.

“no more rain” – it will remove the rain (you can also remove it by restarting the game).

“let it snow” – it

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Being a hugger is the opposite of being a tkr (troop killer). It means that you aim to get as much might as you can and beat the tops.

Here are some tips:

1. Build Tier 2 troops, only tier 2. Because they give the highest amount of might compared to the time required to train them.

2. Never open your city to attackers even if it looks safe.

3. Get lvl 9-10 wilds

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In my search for good Android games, I’ve noticed Candy Crush Saga staying in the top spots from the Top Free section of Google Play.

This game is using some pretty old gameplay mechanics. There have been dozens of games like this, made in flash or even stand alone games for PC.
But is fun to use touchscreen to play it, it has some pretty fun sounds and graphic elements.

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Upgrade your Sage’s Tower to level 8 or 9 and then start farming level 6 – 7 goblin camps.

Don’t go for the camps that have level 8, 9 or 10 because you will lose too many troops.

If your Sage’s Tower is level 8 or 9, you have like 80-90% chance to get a relic after an attack.

You lose around 1.000 troops per fight, be sure to have resources to

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There is a hidden trick/cheat that allows you to get an extra token for Gollum’s riddle, each day.

To get the extra token, follow these steps: go to “Share”, click on “email”, the Gmail interface will open, enter an e-mail address and send.

It can be any e-mail address. Repeat this process ten times and you will get an extra token right

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Level 10 keeps do look bigger on the world map and they have a unique design when you look inside your city.

However, after talking to some experienced players, it seems that is a bad idea to upgrade your keep to level 10 instead of upgrading the Academy or the Great Hall.

Level 10 Great Hall allows you to level your hero to 212. If you have it to level 9, your hero can only

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When you first install The Hobbit Kingdoms, you will be auto-assigned to a random server, high / low populated.

You can change the server right away by clicking on your name (left-top tab of the UI) and from there click on the “world” tab. You will get a list of servers. Each should have a “create” button. If you click on that button, you will be assigned to

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