Beach Buggy Blitz is developed by Vector Unit. The first thing that you notice when you run the game is the nVidia logo (Powered by NVIDIA TEGRA).

And the optimization is there, the game runs perfect on Nexus 7, these tablets having nVidia Tegra 3 processors.

The graphics are pretty awesome. The water looks incredible, almost as good as a pixel shader 2 – 3 water from a

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Dark Avenger is similar to Diablo 3, except that the levels are much shorter. It is a free hack and slash RPG, probably one of the best for Android.

The game has only one available class at this time, the templar, some sort of Diablo 3 monk. The “ranger” class is under development and there is a notice when trying to create one, saying: “coming

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This game for Android is making the waiting for the second “The Hobbit” movie, a bit sweeter.

The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth is a city-building game. You can basically build a medieval city, build different buildings that can be upgraded. Each building has a “waiting time”, from 30 seconds to even hours. You can buy “mithril bars” with real

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This game allows you to play some car races by only shifting the gears, pressing the NOS button and an extra button for drifts (don’t get too excited, you can’t control the car while you drift).

What you can’t do is steering the car. Another important thing is that while you race, the cars are being shown in a “movie mode”, you won’t see the race

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Pou for Android


I’m not a fan of mobile phone games but this one is fun.

What exactly is Pou? It is a small creature and you will have to take care of him. It has four needs. Food, health, fun and energy.

Every once in a while, you will have to feed Pou, wash him, play some simple arcade games and turn his lamp off/on, so he can sleep/not stay in the dark when he is

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Rovio has built a cute website for their newest game, Bad Piggies, only that the phone requirements to play Bad Piggies are missing.

While the game works fine on iPhones, even 3GS, Android users are lacking information.
Google Play is only displaying that Bad Piggies require at least Android 2.2 and 34 Mb of free space (on the SD card).

If you have a smartphone connected

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Angry Birds is available from today for consoles, PS3, Xbox and Nintentdo 3DS. More exactly, all three versions of Angry Birds, the first game, Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Space are being sold on Amazon as a package.

The prices are as it follows.
PS3: $39.96
Xbox: $39.96
3DS: $29.96

Rovio has announced that the three games are not just copies of the ones

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