You can download the book from here. It has a zip archive which contains the book in pdf format and .mobi (for Kindle).

I’ve read the book, its well writen, pretty small, can be finished in about 2-3 hours of intense reading. It’s not boring, its quite straight to the point.
Has a few mindblowing parts that I’ve never heard Athene talking

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The new season is now available on the ESGN website, here. There are three episodes so far, Ekop vs. Forsen, Darkwonyx vs. Savjz and Nyhx vs. Realz.

Here is the first one, between Ekop and Forsen.

The asian guys from Teamliquid are no longer playing this season, there is a new team called “Managrind” that will face team Dogehouse.

The format is pretty much

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A new season of Fight Night has rolled out. You can check the first two matches here, Artosis vs Koyuki and Trump vs Gnimsh.

I’ve noticed that they are adding one match each day.

This season was recorded together with season 3, there are the same players from S3 but they are playing different decks.

The videos are also uploaded on YouTube on the official ESGN

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The first two videos are available here, on this link.

They are not available on YouTube or Twitch. They are hosted on YouTube but are unlisted.

Probably the guys from ESGN are trying to promote their website, force people to watch the live streams instead of recorded videos on YouTube. Another assumption is that they will released the videos on YouTube in March.

This is

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Starcraft 2 Arcade mode is now free for all users. What you need to do is to install Starcraft 2 starter edition, login with your account and click the arcade button.

There are tons of maps, rpg, tower defense, puzzles, co-op etc.

If you remember this article from exactly one year ago, you will understand that Blizzard won’t release a new game tool for

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What is known so far:

– The game is developed by SEGA and Creative Assembly.

– Aliens: Isolation will be a stealth/horror first person shooter.

– The main character will be the daughter of Ellen Ripley (the main character from the Alien franchise). There is a big contradiction with what we know from Aliens (1986) and the fact that Ripley’s

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Blizzcon 2013 starts on Friday, November 8, at 11:00 PST (Pacific Time).

11:00 PST means 19:00 GMT (7 PM).

UTC is the same thing as GMT.

If you live in France for example, you have GMT +1. So Blizzcon starts at 20:00 for you.

The exact hour when Blizzcon 2013 starts in other countries:

Uk: 19:00.

Germany: 20:00.

Italy: 20:00.


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There is a Hearthstone beta client available for download at this link.

As we can see, the client is named “enGB”. The same clients for Europe are being named like this, the game clients for World of Warcraft, Starcraft 2 or Diablo 3.

You can install the game but you won’t be able to play if you are from Europe. The “play” button is frozen and when

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You can sign-up for Hearthstone beta from (you will be redirected depending on your region). The game has a tab there for Hearthstone, on the landing page.

Login into your account, click on the Hearthstone tab, you will be redirected to, click on “Beta sign-up” and enable “Hearthstone” from

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Final Fantasy X and the sequel that followed, X-2, will be released this year for PS3 and PS Vita in a HD version. The official title is “Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD Remaster”.

The official website and the official Facebook page for the titles aren’t revealing any exact release date. However, on, the place from where you can pre-order the game, you can see

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