If you liked Bastion, you should be very interested in Transistor, the next game (and second) developed by Supergiant Games.

The company has announced the new game this week, saying a possible release date to be in early 2014.

A few details.

– The game will take place in a futuristic town, cyberpunk environment.

– Our character will be a woman named

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Blizzcon 2013 will take place on 8 and 9 November 2013.

The gaming event will last just two days.

Where? In Anaheim Convention Center, California, US.

Check the map:

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What events have been announced so far?

“Hands-on play time with the latest versions of Blizzard Entertainment games
Global finals for Blizzard

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Aliens: Colonial Marines is the nr. 1 most sold video game of 2013 in the first week after release, in UK. The game was sold better than Dead Space 3.

ACM was nr. 1 in the “top sellers” section from Steam in the first week of the release.

How much is the game played today? It is around on the 40th place in the “TOP 100 most played games on Steam”, today.

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Two video games that I forgot to add on the list with the most interesting video games that will be released in 2013.

Tomb Rider (2013) and Metro: Last Light.

Tomb Rider’s release date is uncertain. On Steam, the date is set to “March 2013″ while on the official website, tombrider.com, there is a countdown with a date under, “3.5.13”.


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Blizzard has made public the financial statistics for 2012. The last year has been their best year in terms of revenue. Diablo 3 was the most sold video game for PC in 2012, in retail version.

Diablo 3 was sold in 10 million units in the first days, including the pre-orders. Two more millions have been sold after the first month until now.

12 million sold units x 50 euro =

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GTA Vice City has arrived today on PSN. The game is now included into the “PS2 Classics collection” and can be bought for 10$/euro.

GTA Vice City was released for Play Station 2 on 29 October 2002. The Vice City’s graphic quality on PS2 is poor compared to the one from the PC version. This PSN version is a great chance to play the game in high quality graphics on a

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There is a good chance to see Blizzcon 2013 taking place in Europe since the last one took place in US.

What Blizzard could announce?

– the new World of Warcraft expansion that could be released in the spring of 2014.

– the first details and footage for Project Titan, their future MMO game.

– the new addon for Diablo 3.

– a new

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Devil May Cry – 25 January. Action.

Dead Space 3 – 8 February. For those that are interested by the sequel. A horror third person shooter.

Aliens: Colonial Marines – 12 February. First person shooter. It will be a sequel for the “Aliens” movie, a crew of marines are going to LV-426 in order to investigate the missing crew that was sent before, the

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