Here are the Hearthstone EU Regionals vods (From Twitch), from day 1, day 2 and day 3.

Presented by Artosis, Savjz and Frodan.

Day 1 has 12 hours, day 2 has 18 hours and day 3 has 5 hours.

You can also check all the streams here:

The future streams will be here:

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This is actually Trump’s free rogue deck. A great deck for winning the daily quests if you need to win games with the Rogue class.

It is mostly a zoo deck. It acts like the basic Warlock zoo deck. You can draw cards with 2x Azure Drake and 2x Gnomish Inventor.

The 2x Anub’ar Ambusher are really fit in this deck. You can combo some cards with him. So you can draw

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Wing 1.

Paladin Deck for Maexxna.

Priest Deck for Anub’Rekhan and Grand Widow Faerlina (two bosses, same deck).

Wing 2.

Paladin Deck for Heigan the Unclean.

Frost Mage Deck for Noth the Plaguebringer.

Paladin Deck for Loatheb.

Wing 3.

Gothik the Harvester Paladin Deck.

The Four Horsemen Paladin Deck.

Instructor Razuvious

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A pretty basic deck with three legendaries, Ragnaros and Tirion. And Tinkmaster Overspark which is great in a paladin deck since you might get a 5/5 from a 1/1 soldier.

The truth is, I’ve got full use of Ragnaros and Tirion. They made the difference in defeating Kel’Thuzad.

Other than that, pretty basic cards.

We have 2x Sunfury Protector + 2x Ancient

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An insanely hard fight where you can’t really use minions. The mage class seems to be the best choice because of the powerful spells that deal damage but also from the AOE damage/crowd control.

This deck is using only four minions, 2x Nerubian Egg (in order to get the 4/4) and 2x Abomination. The Abomination just does the AOE damage. If I need an extra 2 damage AOE, it can come

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Why using Priest? Because of Shadow Word: Death and healing.

The key cards for this fight are Shadow Word: Death (in order to get rid of one of the two initial enemy minions), Tinkmaster Overspark (to turn a 4/7 or 7/4 into a 1/1).

The small taunts, Goldshire Footman, 2x Neruabian Egg will become a 4/4 from Thaddius’ ability.

2x Unstable Ghoul and Sunfury Protector

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With a two weeks delay, here is the Priest deck for Grobbulus, heroic.

Grobbulus and Thadius can be considered the hardest bosses from the third wing of Curse of Naxxramas.

This priest deck is abusing the old mechanics with buffing cards with Inner Fire and Divine Spirit. Here we have 2x Mogu’shan Warden and 2x Lightwell.

These are the key cards for this

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This is a very rng fight. If you manage to survive the initial rush, you have a good chance to beat Gluth.

The key cards. The 2x Acidic Ooze and Harrison Jones. Gluth has a very deadly weapon. If you manage to draw cards with Harrison Jones, by destroying his weapon, the fight is almost won.

Other than that, Sunwalker is doing great here because Gluth will usually trade two of

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A pretty expensive deck because of the 2x Lay on Hands and 2x Avenging Wrath.

I didn’t managed to use Tirion, so you can do it without him.

The idea is to use small minions and then give them taunt from the 2x Sunfury Protector and 2x Defender of Argus.

Noble Sacrifice is great.

But the main star of the fight is Harrison Jones. If you manage to draw the card

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No more WoW, will return at 1 AM for Hearthstone.

Will be streaming on 12 August from around 19 PM, +2 GMT (European time).

Starting with World of Warcraft, some solo que Arathi Basin battlegrounds.

Then at 01:00 AM, will clear the fourth wing of Curse of Naxxramas, on normal. Also will do the class challenge games.

The heroic decks will appear on the site either

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