Gothik the Harvester is the hardest fight from the third Wing of Naxxramas.

This is a healing Paladin deck.

The key cards are 2x Abomination, 2x Unstable Ghoul but also the basic Equality + Consecration or Wild Pyromancer + Equality.

If you manage to survive until you are like 6-7 mana, you will have a good chance.

If you manage to put Tirion on the board, you

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A very hard fight but very funny with this Paladin deck.

The key cards are the 2x Humility and 2x Aldor Peacekeeper. If you manage to put at least two of the horseman at 1 attack, you will be able to heal their damage.

The other key of the fight is that you should kill all three horseman at the same time. Or one will get buffed from the secret. But if he gets buffed and you can

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A decent fight in terms of difficulty, not very hard.

What you need are two Oozes, shields for your two taunts (received from Razuvious), Blessing of Kings so you can buff those taunts.

I’ve managed to win the game with Tirion on the board. I took the two taunts at 3 mana, shielded one, managed to use Ooze on a 1 durability weapon.

Besides the weapon, he

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Will be streaming the third wing from Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramas when it will get unlocked, in about two hours.

Until then, some noob League of Legends play.

Instructor Razuvious was quite easy, just had to heal a lot with my Paladin deck. I’ve used Koyuki’s deck from here.

Gothik the Harvester has some interesting mechanics and can defeat you quite

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The Hearthstone tournament from Blizzcon 2013 had some awesome music in between the games. Here is a list with all the songs and artists.

This is an YouTube video with the full event.

Intro (from start): unknown.

1:20: Feel so close (Nero remix) – Calvin Harris. Soundcloud link.

2:29: unknown.

2:30: Can’t stop loving you (Original Mix) –

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There is no option on that allows you to follow specific games or just filter the games like we have the top bar from Reddit.
So these are just my personal favorite games from Twitch.

GTA Vice City.


Heroes of the Storm.


Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls.

Final Fantasy X.

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Loatheb is the easiest heroic boss from Wing 2 in my opinion.

This is because his hero ability will just deal damage, so it won’t mess with your minions.

You will just need a basic Paladin deck with a lot of healing.

The best card that you can draw at start is Humility so you can disable his 3/6 minion.

I’ve used 2x Unstable Ghouls because they work

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A decent fight in terms of difficulty.

Using the Paladin class for this boss is a a great idea since you should always use the hero ability to summon the 1/1 (Reinforce) minion that will get nuked by Heigan’s hero ability (which does 4 damage to the first minion placed on the left side of the board).

Even if you put up a Nerubian Egg, Heigan will still use the ability and

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Since the “Plague” card is so op (it will destroy all your minions and summon 5/5 on Noth’s side), a great class is a the Mage, with a deck purely based on spells.

In order to win, you will have to draw Archmage Antonidas and nuke Noth with Fireballs.

Until then, you just need to survive.

I won the game by leaving a Flamestrike and Archmage Antonidas

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This is quite the best deck I’ve played in Hearthstone.

It is very strong against many decks, zoo, giants or miracle rogue.

It is very reliable since you have so many absolute removals, Equality + Consecration or Wild Pyromancer + Equality.

Four cards that can almost disable cards: Aldor Peacekeeer and Humility.

There are some situations when the enemy has a

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