A basic deck with no legendaries and just one epic card.

The combos are: at 4 mana, you should use Auchenai Soulpriest + Circle of Healing, in order to clear the board (the combo will deal 4 damage to all enemy minions).

Mogu’shan Warden + Divine Spirit + Inner Fire. This card will become unstoppable.

The taunts + Ancient Watcher, Nerubian Eggs.


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A pretty basic deck with low minions that will ensure your survival until you can use equality+consecration or something similar.

Save your Humility for big cards.

The Aldor Peacekeeper as well.

The idea of the fight is that you should allow Maexxna to flood the board with 1 attack minions. After that, she will just do seven damage per turn. But you can heal with Earthen

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I just finished the first wing from Curse of Naxxramas (on normal mode).

With a basic Paladin deck. It has a few legendaries but they didn’t made a huge difference.

You will mostly need Equality, Consecration, Avenging Wrath, Wild Pyromancer. Because the bosses from this wing are flooding the board with minions. So you will need a strong AOE.

The last boss, Maexxna

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Update. The game was released.

The new expansion for Hearthstone, Curse of Naxxramas, will be released after the European weekly maintenance, on 23 July, at 11 AM.

The same goes for US players. Curse of Naxxramas will be released at the same time with the EU release.

Blizzard blue post from the US forums:

“Just wanted to clarify that this maintenance is not

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There will be five wings in Naxxramas.

The first wing is free for everyone. The next four wings cost 700 gold, each (2800 gold in total) or 7$ per wing (28$ in total).

There is a calculation on reddit that shows that it is more profitable to buy card packs with those 2800 gold rather than pay for Naxx.

Anyway, if you are not interested to use any real money in

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Razer Game Booster is a free software from Razer that improves the performance for PC games.

You can download the software from here.

You don’t need to own a Razer peripheral or device in order to use the software.

It can be very useful for games that are consuming a lot of resources, like the latest Wolfenstein: The New Order or Divinity: Original Sin. I’ve

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This is a great alternative to the classic warrior decks that are mostly based on buffing minions that deal insane amount of damage (Raging Worgen, Amani Berserker etc).

Fear of the Reaper, made by Reynad (from Twitch.tv) is a very aggressive deck. It’s based on dealing as much damage on the enemies’ face while ignoring their creatures.

You can use Brawl to get rid

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This is a pretty fun deck based on flooding the board with cards.

We have the early Argent Squires, two Harvest Golems, an Imp Master that hopefully can be buffed by the Defender of Argus.

Other than that, we have two Fire Elementals and two uncommon legendaries, the Tinkmaster Overspawk and Harrison Jones.

The Tinkmaster is like the cherry on top of the cake because

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This is a very decent Druid deck, made by Koyuki, a well known streamer from Twitch.tv and from the Heartstone community.

It is called “Roar” because it’s using two Savage Roars in combination with two Force of Nature cards.

This combo gives 14 damage in total just from Savage Roar and Force of Nature.

This combo can be used as a finisher or just to

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This is Trump’s legendary mage deck, a very strong deck that is made from basic cards, common, a few rares and one epic card.

A true deck for beginners, for those that don’t have many unlocked cards and they don’t want to buy card packs.

It’s not a rushing deck, it has a good mana ratio, meaning that each turn you will be able to put efficient cards on

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