The open world games are those where you can roam freely, without any restrictions, where you can even ignore the main story and pretty much do anything you like.
How is this top working? These are the games that are the most open-world regarding their concepts, their evolution and their complexity.

Top 7 Open World games:

7: Farcry 2. An open world FPS. You can solve the

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We have placed a new button on the website that is displaying our current status, if our gaming stream is on or off.

I will try to stream WoW mostly, Hunter pvp (Arathi Basin), and other different games.

The idea is that I will try to stream each Saturday night for those that don’t have anything better to do other than watching a gaming stream.


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This is a slightly modified deck of Artosis’s Warrior deck from Blizzcon 2013.

It has an Upgrade weapon removed. Also, if you have the legendary warrior card, you should use it. I don’t have it yet so I’ve made the deck without it.

Also I added two Azure Drakes because I was ending up with no cards in my hand.

This is a very fun deck, very offensive but

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This deck has 90% the cards from Artosis’s deck from Blizzcon 2013.

A pretty slow deck. We have two clerics, the basic early disablers, holy smite and shadow word: pain.

For start, keep the early disablers and minions that don’t cost more than 4 mana.

From 3 mana, you can hope to use the Injured Blademasters for defense mostly.

Lightspawn is strong at

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We all heard the rumors not so long ago that YouTube might buy for 1 billion dollars.

But what are the reasons?

The most simple reason can be found if we look at Google. They have bought YouTube some years ago because YouTube was becoming the next big thing.

So is

Twitch is like an alternative to YouTube where users can watch video content.

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Tropico 5 requires DirectX 11. If your video card doesn’t support DirectX 11, you won’t be able to run the game on your computer/laptop.
You will get an error that is saying: “You need Directx 11 capable gpu to play Tropico 5″. If you get that message, it means that your graphic card doesn’t support DirectX 11, not that you don’t have DirectX 11

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Wolfenstein – The new Order: 20 May 2014. (First person shooter, developed by Bethesda).

Transistor: 20 May 2014. (RPG-indie, developed by SuperGiant Games, the devs of Bastion).

Tropico 5: 23 May 2014. (City builder).

Stronghold Crusader 2: 2014. (medieval-RTS, developed by Firefly).

Alien: Isolation: 7 October 2014 (a sequel for the movie from 1979, the

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This is the deck that brought Artosis the victories against Kripparrian at Blizzcon 2013, the Hearthstone tournament.

It is a very aggressive deck with two Avenging Wrath, two Argent Commander cards, the basic combo: two Equality and two Consecration.

It has just one legendary card, Tirion Fordring.

Mostly, it’s a strong early-mid game deck with buffing the cards

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This is the basic murloc rush deck.

What you need is all the common, rare and epic murloc cards.

Once you get/craft all, the legendary murloc card will be added to your collection.

Other than that, you just need some basic warlock cards and some common neutral cards.

Sometimes you will have to play control, meaning that you will still kill what the opponent has on

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Chris Metzen is the Senior Vice President at Blizzard Entertainment.

He also seems to sing, pretty well.

This is from the Starcraft 2 Jukebox from inside the game.

The Jukebox can be found in Joeyray’s Bar or the Hyperion’s Cantina.

“I believe Bourbon Cowboys are a fictional band based on what the game credits say for this song. It was sung by

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