It’s very easy to play Final Fantasy X (the PC version) on the second monitor.

How to do it?

Start the game launcher and set the game to start in “Full Screen Mode”.

The game will most likely start on the bad monitor.

If you want to switch it to the correct monitor, press: “Left Windows key + Left Shit key + right arrow from the

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A very interesting mod that changes the exotic summer theme for Risen 1 with a darker autumn theme.

The textures are changed, almost everything looks and feel different.

Here is a local mirror download. It has around 11 mb.

It has an executable and is really easy to install. Just from a few clicks. Works with save games. Very easy to uninstall, it has a shortcut,

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Controller tips.

First of all, the way to play Final Fantasy XIII on the PC is by using a controller. If you control the camera with the mouse, it will move and feel weird.

You can just buy a very cheap no-name controller and enjoy this game. I play with a Speedlink controller that costs around 10 euro. And the only thing you need to do to play with a controller is to plug it

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This is the +1 trainer from cheathappens. It contains one cheat, “Add 1 gil”.

You can download the trainer from here, it has 490 kb.

This trainer can be great since the gil is actually the currency (money-gold) in the Final Fantasy games. Using the trainer, you can add as much gils as you like.

In order to use the trainer, follow these steps: start the

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The review contains light spoilers.

Let’s start with the conclusion, the game is good but it’s also bad.

The fans will say that the game is a gem, that has the same feeling as the old Gothic games. Not really, the game suffers from the same disease as Gothic 3. It’s too big and too open-world.

By the time you explore all the islands and kill every mob,

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This is the promo trainer for Risen 3: Titan Lords, from Cheathappens.

The trainer contains three cheats. You can download it from here, it has 511Kb.

Numpad 7: Select Dexterity.
Numpad +: Increase Value.
Numpad -: Decrease Value.

It can be very useful if you plan to play your character as a ranger.

In order to use the cheats, follow these

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To be able to play with a “fixed camera”, follow these steps.

Go to options, Gameplay. Set the camera Speed to 0.4.

If you do that, the camera will become really rigid and you won’t be able to easily move the camera freely and experience that console camera feeling.

“0.4” seems to be the best value.

If it’s lower, the camera

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Anisotropic filtering: off.

Depth of field: on. The option will actually improve the framerate if it’s turned on.

Anti-aliasing: on. It doesn’t affect the framerate.

Water Reflections: off. This option consumes a lot of resources. Can make the game to run fluent or lag, especially if your character is near the shores of the sea.

Shadow Quality: Low.

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This is the promo trainer for Sacred 3, released by cheathappens.

The trainer has one cheat: “Numpad 6: Add Score – each press adds 1″.

Download the trainer from here, it has 528 kb.

How to use it?

Start the trainer, start Sacred 3. In the main menu, press “F1″. You should hear “activated”.

Press “numpad

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This is the +1 free trainer from cheathappens.

You can download it from here, it has 465kb.

The free cheat is: “Numpad 5: No Ability Cooldown”, which is quite useful.

Some actions will trigger a cooldown for some abilities. Like for example in the first city, you use rush to get to some chest, and you have to use rush again to get back, and you have to wait

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