According to PcGames Germany, Piranha Bytes is currently working on the third title from the Risen series.

The game will be called Risen 3: Titan Lords, it will be released on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

The players will be able to control a new character (not the same pirate from Risen 2), a character whose soul will be devoured by a Shadow Lord.

The graphics will be based

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The “early access” version of the game is available on Steam for 40 euro / $. Check it out here.

Here are my first impressions after playing the game for like an hour.

1. The graphic style has nothing dark in it. Even Path of Exile looks better. Divinity: Original Sin looks like a cartoon.

2. There is no intro story so far, no intro video. This is not the

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1. Age of Decadence. An interesting medieval RPG, swords, daggers etc. Official website here, I see that they even have a beta version of the game that is available for download.

2. Dark Souls 2. Console like RPG. Official website here.

3. Divinity Original Sin. Will definitely be released in 2014, after being delayed. An important game from a company that already has created

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In order to become a mage, you need to join the monastery. It’s very easy to join, you need to let your character to be captured by the inquisition followers. These followers are near the gates of the harbour town and near some ruins. Anyway, it’s really easy to pop into them.

At the monastery, you need to finish all the tests given by the masters. All tests are pretty

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Lena Headey is indeed the voice actor for Patty in Risen 1. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, know that she is playing Cersei Lannister in Game of Thrones.

Check out her Imdb page and search for “risen”.

I was replaying Risen 1 as a mage and noticed Patty’s voice. Since Risen 1 was released in 2009 and Game of Thrones in 2011, I guess many gamers

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I tried to replay Gothic 3 after installing the latest community patch but the game is still unplayable.

Here are the points that demonstrate that Gothic 3 was a fail:

1. The graphic and its technical problems. I played Gothic 3 during the years with 3 or 4 video cards and with all, the game had the same issue with far landscape textures. The water texture is missing, you get

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I will learn you a trick for how to get cheap legendary / green items in Diablo 3.

First, you need some gold, around 1 million should be enough.

Let’s say that you want to buy a green item, “Inna’s Temperance”. The price for this item goes above 2-3 millions. But you can get it for even 100-200k gold.

Head to the Gold auction house > search >

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I was really bored with my barbarian in Diablo 3 and I decided to switch to 2 x 1 handed weapons and attack speed build / gear.

My “attacks per second” value is 2.49, at this time.

Here is a list with gear that has attack speed: (also the gear that I wear at the moment). My character armory link.

Helm: Mempo of Twilight (legendary) –

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What we know so far about the Crusader class from Diablo 3 is:

– it is a mid-range melee class.
– fighting style based on shield.
– from the cinematics it looks like their expertise is crowd control and fighting many enemies.

Their resource looks like it’s the same spirit as we have for monks.

They can equip a 2 handed weapon and a

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If you are like me and your hand hurts after long sessions of Diablo 3, good news, you can create a macro in Razer Synapse and you won’t have to press left click to target/move/kill mobs.

All you need is either a Razer keyboard or a mouse that are compatible with Synapse 2.0.

The macro is very simple. Here is how you can create it.

From Synapse 2.0 > macros, press

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