Chaos Chronicles seems to be the second “good looking” RPG video game for PC in 2013, besides Divinity Original Sin. Official website:

The game is featured on Steam, and we have a few details.

It is a medieval RPG with TBS combat.

It has a 3D isometric perspective and from the Steam trailer, it looks that we will control more than a

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I really loved to hear the news that Larian was developing a new RPG that is not using a first person perspective. Maybe they have realized what exactly the fans are wanting, another epic game like the first Divine Divinity. Damn, that game was so good.

They have released a detailed gameplay video and we can see how the game looks and how the combat system works.

How it looks?

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This game demonstrates that Blizzard is not God and other companies can come up with games that are better than the Blizzard ones.

If you have played Final Fantasy 7 or 10, you instantly love Path of Exile because: the system for abilities is copied from Final Fantasy 7 and the skill system is copied from Final Fantasy 10.

1. The graphic style is reminding of old RPG games like

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The marauder class seems to be the easiest class to play at least in the beginning of the game. You don’t have to kite or use abilities.

Skill build. It depends on your play style. If you want a dps marauder that will play with a 2 handed weapon or if you want to play your character as a tank, with 1 handed weapon and shield.

Besides this, you can focus on assigning

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Here is a list with the most important game mechanics from Path of Exile.

Press “z” to enable the display of all the item names from the ground, the name of the npcs, chests etc. The display will remain on.

To “read” chat items, use “click and enter”.

To link items, control + alt and click on the item.

There are two UI maps in

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These are the graphic options for Path of Exile: VSync, Shadow Type, Antialising Quality, Texture Quality, Texture Filtering, Post Processing and Screen Shake.

The option that is consuming the most resources is “Shadow Type”. If you play on a laptop that has an Intel HD 4000 video card, you need to turn “Shadow Type” to “No Shadows”.

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The open beta for Path of Exile starts on 23 January. The client is already available for download from the main page of

The client will be updated to 0.10.0 once the open beta starts.

All the characters from closed beta will be reset to level 1. The developers are promising that this is the last wipe.

This patch will make the third act of the game

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The prices will be lowered to 50% for each of the three addons that will be released in February on PSN.

These are the name of the addons: Dragonborn, Heartfire and Dawnguard.

Dragonborn: will include new shouts, spells, weapons, dungeons. Your character will travel to Morrowind, to the island of Solstheim.
The main enemy will be “the first

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The 1.07 public test realm for Diablo 3 is available to download. The system works the same as the one from World of Warcraft.

The players have to download and install the PTR client that is obviously separated from the normal Diablo 3 client.

You will find here all the information needed to participate to the PTR. You basically need to login into your account and

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Why 2015? Considering the past games, since Gothic 2: The Night of the Raven, the German company has released one game every three years.

They have released Gothic 2: The Night of the Raven in 2003, Gothic 3 in 2006, Risen in 2009 and Risen 2: Dark Waters in 2012.

Another important reason to consider Gothic 5 as their next game is because they got back the licence for the

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