I was really excited when I got a beta key for Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm from a friend. I was also really disappointed to see that I can’t play the beta because I don’t have Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty attached to my battle.net account.

So, if you get a key, you have to buy Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty to be able to play the game. Don’t participate to contests

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Here are my graphic settings for Impire:

Fullscreen: off (the camera movement is smoother if the game is not set to run on fullscreen). Check if the “escape” button works if you turn “fullscreen” to off, you you might not be able to save your game.

Vsync: on.

Shadows Quality: normal. (this option consumes many resources).

Textures Quality:

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It will be a sequel For Warcraft 3, named “Warcraft, a new Dawn” and is using the Starcraft 2 graphic engine.

The developers are some fans, this sequel for Warcraft 3 has nothing to do with Blizzard.

The work on the game has just begun as we can see on their blog. All we have is a cinematic trailer that is using the Starcraft 2 engine and a gameplay video. The

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I had the chance to try the new Stronghold HD. Here are the changes.

The game will start on the default monitor’s resolution. For me it is 1680 x 1050. It is a 22” monitor. It looks great on this resolution, the units and buildings are not small at all. Using this resolution, I barely need to scroll the map. I guess on even higher resolutions like 1900+, the player will

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Those that own a legal copy of Stronghold or Stronghold Crusader can update their game to the HD version.

How to do this? (taken from Firefly’s Facebook wall).

1) Go to one of our Stronghold HD websites: These are www.strongholdhd.com and www.strongholdcrusaderhd.com
2) Click on the orange “Download Patch” button
3) Pick your download mirror

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