Dark Avenger for Android, hack and slash RPG, tips


Dark Avenger is similar to Diablo 3, except that the levels are much shorter. It is a free hack and slash RPG, probably one of the best for Android.

The game has only one available class at this time, the templar, some sort of Diablo 3 monk. The “ranger” class is under development and there is a notice when trying to create one, saying: “coming soon”.

There are four game modes, “single player” where you just play some levels. The game has no story but is really fun because you level up, you gear your character etc. The gameplay is like I was saying, similar to Diablo 3, which is not bad at all.

Besides “single player”, there is an “arena mode” called “infinity tower”. You have only one room as arena in this mode. After you clear it of monsters, you start the next stage where you fight more powerful enemies. This goes on and on until your character dies. You get gold after completing each stage.

The third mode is called “death match”, a pvp mode where two teams are fighting.

The last mode is called “boss raid” and you have to wait for that timer to reach 00:00, to be able to start. This mode is some sort of PVE raid. I can’t say too much about it because I never tried it, the timer is always showing at least 30 minutes for me.


The graphics are more than fine, the style is dark medieval rather than cartoonish, which is great. If you play the game on a powerful device, you should change the graphic quality to “ultra”. It is set by default to “high”. I didn’t noticed any frame rate drops on my Nexus 7.


Some tips:

After each level, check your inventory and sell the items that you don’t need (those with weaker stats than those that you have equipped). Gold can be used to upgrade your passive skills, so, don’t neglect this aspect.

To equip an item, click on it, check if it has better stats and press the “equip” button from the bottom-right side of the UI.

Also, after each level, click the “skill” button and see what you can upgrade, either the active skills or the passive skills. You can upgrade by using gold or the purple gems. After boss fights and important levels, you will also receive purple gems.

The “shop” button. You can buy potions, weapons, armor, gold/gems etc. You can use in-game gold or real money. If you gather 1.000 gold, you can buy a necklace that is very useful for the first 10-20 levels.

If you cannot pass a level, try the “infinity tower” mode where you can get gold that can be used to upgrade your passive skills. Also, you can try to replay the previous levels so you could gain experience and level up.

The experience bar is the orange – third bar from the top of your UI.

If you want to share some useful tips, please leave in the comments.