Download Alien Isolation +1 Trainer, Free


This is the promo trainer from Cheathappens for Alien Isolation, a survival first person horror.

The trainer contains just one cheat, “Unlimited Rewire Power”.

You can download the trainer from here, it has 491 kb.

How to use the trainer? Start the trainer, start Alien Isolation, press “F1″ in the main menu and then press “numpad 7″, the button that will enable the cheat.

The full trainer contains nine cheats: “Instant Heal”, “Mega Resources”, “Unlimited Flashlight”, “Super Speed”, “Enemy Cannot Shoot”, “Enemy Cannot Melee”, “Unlimited Rewire Power”, “Unlimited Bullets”, “Easy Door Hack”.

Since this game is not everyone’s cup of tea since it can be very scary, the only way to play it is by using a trainer. The full trainer is available on The website requires for you to pay a subscription fee.

If the game is too scary for you, you can wait for the full walkthroughs to appear on YouTube.