Download Dead Rising 3 +1 Trainer, Free


Here is the +1 trainer for Dead Rising 3, after the first day since its release. The promo trainer from cheathappens.

The trainer contains one cheat: “Numpad 0: Add Mission Zombie Kills”.

You can download the trainer from here, 571kb.

To activate the cheat while playing, start the trainer, start the game, press “F1″ in the game’s main menu. Now while playing, press “numpad 0″ in order to enable the cheat.

The full trainer (+14) contains 14 cheats: “Unlimited Health”, “Unlimited Vehicle Health”, “Unlimited Buddy Health”, “Invisible to Zombies”, “Unlimited Stamina”, “Weapon Durability”, “Unlimited Ammo”, “Add PP Points”, “Add Attribute Points”, “Add Mission Zombie Kills”, “Reset Day Countdown”, “Make Daytime”, “Make Nightime”, “Easy PP Trials”.

The full trainer can be found on The website requires a subscription fee.

Dead Rising 3 is a zombie apocalypse action game, released by Capcom. It is currently the first game in the top sellers section of Steam.