Download Divinity: Original Sin +1 Trainer, Free


This is the +1 free trainer from cheathappens.

You can download it from here, it has 465kb.

The free cheat is: “Numpad 5: No Ability Cooldown”, which is quite useful.

Some actions will trigger a cooldown for some abilities. Like for example in the first city, you use rush to get to some chest, and you have to use rush again to get back, and you have to wait for the rush cooldown.

How to use the trainer?

Start the trainer > start the game > press “F1″ in the main menu” > press “Numpad 5″ to activate the cheat.

The full trainer contains nine cheats: “Infinite Health (Party)”, “Infinite AP (Party)”, “One Hit Kills”, “Unlimited Of Selected Item”, “No Ability Cooldown”, “Reveal Map”, “Reveal Map Icons”, “Unlimited Skill Points”, “Unlimited Talent Points”.

You can get the full trainer from, for a subscription fee.