Download Final Fantasy XIII +1 Trainer for PC, Free


This is the +1 trainer from cheathappens. It contains one cheat, “Add 1 gil”.

You can download the trainer from here, it has 490 kb.

This trainer can be great since the gil is actually the currency (money-gold) in the Final Fantasy games. Using the trainer, you can add as much gils as you like.

In order to use the trainer, follow these steps: start the trainer, start the game, press “F1″ in the main menu. Then press “numpad5″ while playing in order to use the cheat.

The full trainer contains 7 cheats in total: “Unlimited HP”, “Max Attack Gauge”, “Easy Kills”, “Unlimited Battle Items”, “Add Gil”, “Add Inventory”, “Subtract Inventory”.

You can get the full trainer (+7) from The website requires a subscription fee though.

Final Fantasy XIII was firstly released on PS3, was actually the first FF game to be released on this console, in December 2009.

The PC version was released on 9 October 2014, five years later.

What is interesting about the game is that its disk size is huge, 55 gigabytes and that the video resolution is blocked at 1280×720.