Download Hearthstone beta client


There is a Hearthstone beta client available for download at this link.

As we can see, the client is named “enGB”. The same clients for Europe are being named like this, the game clients for World of Warcraft, Starcraft 2 or Diablo 3.

You can install the game but you won’t be able to play if you are from Europe. The “play” button is frozen and when you keep your mouse over it, it’s saying: “Hearthstone is not available in your region”.

There is an option to redeem a code that opens up and you can enter a code for beta access. I think that if you get a code, you will be able to play the game even if you are from Europe.

Download and install the client if you want to catch a glimpse of how the game’s launcher will look like. The launcher is inside the desktop client.

If you have any ideas of how to get beta codes, please leave in the comments.