Download Metro 2033 Redux +1 Trainer, Free


This is the free trainer from cheathappens.

It contains one cheat which seems very useful: “Numpad 5: No Gun Overheat”.

You can download the +1 trainer from here, it has 555kb.

In order to activate and use the cheat, follow these steps: launch the trainer > launch the game > press “F1″ in the main menu. Press Numpad 5 in order to activate the “no gun overheat” cheat.

There is also a full trainer with 9 cheats, “Unlimited Health”, “Mega Resources”, “Unlimited Ammo Clips”, “No Reload, “No Gun Overheat”, “Unlimited Gas Mask Time”, “Unbreakable Gas Mask”, “Super Accuracy” and “No Recoil”.

You can get the full trainer from, you will have to pay a subscription fee though.

Metro 2033 Redux brings a huge graphic upgrade for the old Metro 2033, a game that was released before Metro Last Light.