Download Rise of Nations Extended Edition +1 Trainer, free


This is the +1 free trainer from cheathappens.

It contains just one cheat, “Numpad 4: Infinite Population”.

Download the +1 trainer from here. It has 323 Kb.

How to use it?

Start the trainer > start the game. Press “F1″ in the main menu of the game. Press “Numpad 4″ in order to activate the promo cheat.

The full version of the trainer is available on and it contains five cheats in total: “Unlimited food”, “Unlimited wood”, “Unlimited coins”, “Infinite population” and “Instant unit”.
Note that you will need a paid subscription in order to get the full trainer.

Rise of Nations Extended Edition is an updated version of the old Rise of Nations and its expansion pack.

The game was redone by Skybox Labs.

What is new in Rise of Nations Extended Edition?

We have HD graphics, Multiplayer ranked games and integrated Twitch streaming directly from the game. You could login from the game and start streaming.
The gameplay, units, campaigns are still the same as from the old game released in 2003.