Download Risen 3: Titan Lords +3 Trainer, Free


This is the promo trainer for Risen 3: Titan Lords, from Cheathappens.

The trainer contains three cheats. You can download it from here, it has 511Kb.

Numpad 7: Select Dexterity.
Numpad +: Increase Value.
Numpad -: Decrease Value.

It can be very useful if you plan to play your character as a ranger.

In order to use the cheats, follow these steps.

Launch the trainer, launch the game, press “F1″ in the main menu.
Press either of the three numpad numbers in order to use the cheats. You will probably have to press Numpad 7 and then Numpad + in order to increase your dexterity.

The full trainer contains 16 cheats in total: “Unlimited Health”, “Select Melee”, “Select Ranged”, “Select Cunning”, “Select Influence”, “Select Toughness”, “Select Dexterity”, “Select Magic”, “Select Spirit”, “Select Glory”, “Select Reputation”, “Select Gold”, “Increase Value”, “Decrease Value”, “Unlimited Ammo”, “Item Multiplier”.

You can get the full trainer on, for a subscription fee.

Risen 3 is a great game if you don’t judge it by the first 30 minutes. Once you finish the part where you explore the first temple, the game becomes fully open-world with many dangers at every corner.