Download Running with Rifles +1 Trainer, free


This is the promo trainer for Running with Rifles from Cheathappens.

It contains just one cheat which seems valuable: “Unlimited Grenades”.

You can download the trainer from here, it has 461 kb.

How to use it?

Launch the trainer > launch the game > press “F1″ in the main menu.

Press: Numpad 2: it gives Unlimited Grenades.

The full trainer contains: “No Reload”, “Unlimited Grenades”, “Maximum Ammo”, “Recoil”, “Aim Speed”, “Shooting Speed” and “Bullet Spread”.

It is available on, for a subscription fee.

Running with Riffles is a top-down tactical shooter with RPG elements. The game is open-world.

The game is available on Steam for 10 euro.

What you get is an early-access (available since 13 March 2014), the game is still under development.