Download Sacred 3 +1 Trainer, Free


This is the promo trainer for Sacred 3, released by cheathappens.

The trainer has one cheat: “Numpad 6: Add Score – each press adds 1″.

Download the trainer from here, it has 528 kb.

How to use it?

Start the trainer, start Sacred 3. In the main menu, press “F1″. You should hear “activated”.

Press “numpad 6″ in order to enable the cheat.

The full trainer has seven cheats: “Unlimited Health”, “Unlimited Power 1″, “Unlimited Power 2″, “Add XP”, “Add Gold”, “Add Score” (included in this promo trainer), “9 Potions”.

The full trainer is available on In order to get it, you will need to get a subscription on their website.