Download Stronghold Crusader 2 +1 Trainer (Gold Cheat)


This is the +1 trainer for the new Stronghold 2 Crusader from Cheathappens, released on 22 September 2014.

The trainer has one cheat which gives you gold.

Download the trainer from here, 524 kb.

In order to use the trainer, start the trainer, then the game, press “F1″ in the main menu and then when you are actually in the game, press “numpad 1″ from your keyboard in order to activate the gold cheat.

The full trainer contains six more cheats: “Gold”, “Max Resources”, “Heal unit”, “Super unit”, “Weak unit”, “Kill unit” and “Reset unit”. You can get it from

The gold cheat should be very important. In the old Stronghold games, the gold was taken from your peasants, but you had to make sure that their happiness is high, based on food/conditions/taxes.