Download Watch Dogs +1 Trainer, free


This is the +1 trainer for Watch Dogs, released by cheathappens.

It contains one cheat: “Increase Level”.

You can download the trainer from here, 424 kb.

How to use it?

Start the trainer > start the game > press F1 inside the main menu. The cheat should be enabled at this point.

To activate it in-game, press “Numpad -“.

Numpad – = Increase Level.

The full trainer contains 13 cheats: “Infinite Health”, “Infinite Focus”, “One Hit Kills”, “Add Money”, “No Reload”, “Unlimited Ammo”, “Add EXP”, “Add Skill Points”, “Add Reputation”, “Sub Reputation”, “Unlimited Batteries”, “Unlimited Tools”, “Increase Level”.

It is available on, for a subscription fee.

Watch Dogs is an action/adventure game, developed by Ubisoft. Some are considering it the GTA V of PCs.