Download Wolfenstein: The New Order +1 Trainer, free


This is the free trainer from Cheathappens for Wolfenstein: The New Order.

The cheat from this trainer is “Super Ammo – only works every 40 seconds”.

It is pretty handy.

Download the trainer from here, it has 508 kb.

How to use it?

Launch the trainer, launch the game, press F1 in the main menu (when you hear that Rock song).

Resume the game and press “Numpad 2″ to get the “super ammo”.

The full trainer is available on cheathappens and it contains the following cheats: “No Damage”, “Super Ammo”, “No Reload”, “Unlock All Chapters”, “Invincible Weapons”, “No HUD”, “No Recoil”, “Super Speed”, “Super Jump”, “No Vehicle Damage”, “Unlimited Laser”, “Infinite Sprint”, “Invisible”.

13 cheats in total. Check for the full trainer.