Fast and Furious 6, Android, game review


This game allows you to play some car races by only shifting the gears, pressing the NOS button and an extra button for drifts (don’t get too excited, you can’t control the car while you drift).

What you can’t do is steering the car. Another important thing is that while you race, the cars are being shown in a “movie mode”, you won’t see the race from behind the car, you will see it from side-front view.

Fast and Furious 6 is actually free but it has a lot of limitations. For example, you can only do five races and then you have to wait for “gas”, 3 to 5 hours. Or, you can pay real money to get rid of this limit.

You can use real money for car upgrades and buying new cars. You can basically upgrade your car only by paying with real money. Or, you can play race after race and earn silver coins (they are marked with “C”). These silver coins will also allow you to upgrade your car and buy others.

Besides silver coins, there are gold coins, marked with “F”, you can buy these with real money or earn then by racing. They can also be used for upgrades and buying cars.

Other stats: leveling, you earn XP after each race, won or lost. Your car has a “power” stat, marked by the “thunder” sign. When a race starts, you should check the “power” stat of your enemy car and yours, to make an idea about who has an advantage.


Some tips: “Perfect shift” is done when you shift the gear between the last line and the red marking. “Perfect drift” is when you hit the button near the end line of the starting point of the drift marking.

It is impossible to win some races even if do “perfect shifts”. It’s all about who has the better car here.

The game has a story mode and four other type of races that you can pick from the map. More will unlock after you finish these ones. However, if you don’t pay with real money for anything, it will take a few days, even weeks.

From “story mode”, you will see some characters from Fast and Furious like Brian or Roman. They have some dialogues, giving you missions briefs or just saying something to you.

The graphics are awesome. The graphic quality is comparable to Need for Speed Underground or Most Wanted, the PC versions.

Also, you can’t play the game offline, you always need an Internet connection.

What would have made this game really fun is a multiplayer mode that is lacking. You will only play against AI.

Fast and Furious gets a 7 out of 10. It can be pretty addicting.