Frost Mage Deck for Noth the Plaguebringer Heroic


Since the “Plague” card is so op (it will destroy all your minions and summon 5/5 on Noth’s side), a great class is a the Mage, with a deck purely based on spells.

In order to win, you will have to draw Archmage Antonidas and nuke Noth with Fireballs.

Until then, you just need to survive.

I won the game by leaving a Flamestrike and Archmage Antonidas from start. I didn’t even draw Ragnaros or Malygos so if you don’t have those, just use Iceblock (I don’t have the card so that’s why it’s not in the deck).

I’ve tried with Priest and Paladin by buffing cards but the “Plague” card is just insane.

If you draw the right cards, it should be fine. In my opinion, Noth the Plaguebringer is the hardest boss of Wing 2.