Goblin Kumbo Kettle from BAH, price


The starting price is 15k gold and I would personally not pay more than 20k for this item.

It cannot be macroed. It has a casting time of a few seconds. You basically place a cool looking kettle on the ground. When you click the kettle, you will receive an item named “Goblin Gumbo” (you can only hold one in your inventory). When you consume the item, your character will throw some green flames from his mouth, randomly.

The green visual effect is leaving a trace that lasts for a few seconds.

You can consume a Goblin Gumbo (the buff lasts 5 minutes) and get another one that can be used after those 5 minutes expire.

Goblin Kumbo Kettle has a 30 minutes cooldown.

Something important, when you throw those flames, your character makes a “burp” sound. Is fun in PVP to kill someone and make the burp sound, it will make you laugh a lot. Also, if you place the kettle and a few players are using the item, you will hear a lot of burps :).

15-20k is worth the price. Even more if you are very rich.