Gothik the Harvester Paladin Deck for Heroic


Gothik the Harvester is the hardest fight from the third Wing of Naxxramas.

This is a healing Paladin deck.

The key cards are 2x Abomination, 2x Unstable Ghoul but also the basic Equality + Consecration or Wild Pyromancer + Equality.

If you manage to survive until you are like 6-7 mana, you will have a good chance.

If you manage to put Tirion on the board, you will have a huge chance to win the fight.

Gothik is also using Abomination cards so you can take advantage and clear the board just with a Consecration and a small 2 damage hit from one of your cards.

Mind Control Tech works, you will probably get a minion since Gothik is just flooding the board.

Tinkmaster Overspark managed to give me an 5/5 on my side, from an “undead” minion. If you have it, use it.



  1. Balrog
    Posted August 7, 2014 at 12:45 am

    Thank you. After hours trying to defeat Gothic, I eventually saw your deck (with a few changes) and… it worked!

    The only difference is that I used 2xSword of Justice instead Tinkmaster and 1xLay of hands (I don’t have them).